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Dirty Wife Games

A Dark Romance (Hyun's Story)

* This is a Standalone Novel *

A scorned wife on the run, and a stalker who follows her every move… Match made in heaven?

After being forced to marry a tyrant, Hyun Song flees his home in a desperate attempt to save what’s left of her dignity … and her life.
Now on her own, she tries her best to move on with her simple life. But she quickly realizes she can’t escape her past … and that she’s not alone …

He watches her through her window.
Sends her indecent notes.
Stalks her everywhere she goes.

He wants her badly, and when she finally lets him in …
It’s time for the wife to play a dirty game.

Please note: This story contains sensitive content that may be upsetting to some readers.

This book is a Standalone in the Indecent Games Series:
Wicked Bride Games: Naomi’s Story.

Dirty Wife Games: Hyun’s Story.

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Excerpt 1:

From the moment I first saw my stalker, I was captivated.
The man with the black leather jacket and dark, spiky hair sits on a bench across the street from my house, staring down at a notebook.
Every night, he sits there at exactly ten p.m., looking off into the distance or writing his notes under the street light … or looking straight at me.
Like he is now.
Our eyes meet, and a sudden electrical current rushes through my veins.
I’m unable to look away from his piercing blue eyes, and I wonder … How long ago did he first see me?
I’ve only noticed him outside recently … watching over my house as if he’s guarding it. Guarding me.
I don’t know if I should be scared. If I should run or call the cops.
He’s never come close.
So is there any reason to act?
As long as he maintains his distance … an invisible line he doesn’t cross … I still feel safe. I can survive, knowing he is there, wherever I go.
I never know when or where I’m going to see him again.
I just know I will.

A hampered breath leaves my throat as he stares me down from across the street. His gaze feels like it penetrates through the closed windows. And for a brief second, I think I spot a hint of a smile.

Excerpt 2:

From the living room, I can hear the shower running. I step closer to the only light source in the house, my heart practically beating out of my chest from excitement. She’s so close; I could almost taste her. I could almost take her.
I shouldn’t.
Yet I can’t stop myself from inching closer with every passing second.
It’s as if my feet gravitate toward her. My mind can no longer stop my body from approaching, even if it’s wrong on all levels.
I watch her shower. Through the curtains, I can see the silhouette of her body, and sometimes, her skin peeks through the gap. Her body looks like silk, so smooth. Her olive skin so deliciously appetizing, I want to lick it.
I stop myself before I go too far.
I already went past the moral line when I came all over her window.
Standing near the door to her bathroom, I admire her from a distance, listening to the water cascading down her skin. She massages herself with oils, and the scent is intoxicating. I feel the warmth prickle on my skin, and at this moment, I wonder if she’ll ever want me.
If it’d ever be okay to talk to her.
To touch her.
To be with her.
The more I watch her, the more I want from her. I’m physically incapable of staying away. I feel my best when I’m close to her. I only desire to give her everything she needs. I don’t want to hurt her, yet I know she has every reason to fear me.
She’s fragile. Emotionally drained. Used.
Smacked around like a wet rag by a man who didn’t know his own strength.
Her man.
He likes beating things senseless. It makes him feel powerful. Better than her.
Calling the cops is useless; they’re in his pocket, and she knows that too. That’s why she never did a thing to stop it. That’s why she ran away from him.
She ran and ran …
But both of us know you can never run away from a lie.


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