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Friday, October 4, 2013

New Release! The Billionaire's Bet #2: A Hot Call

The Billionaire's Bet #2 is finally here!

That's right, The Billionaire's Bet: A Hot Call has just been published and is available on Amazon, B&N, AllRomance and Smashwords. It's a hot erotic BDSM Story about writer Julie Valentine who struggles to fall in love with Sexy rich Dominic Fury.

Get your copy here:

Here's a steamy excerpt:

His warm hand brushed along my neck and cupped around my face. “I just want to enjoy a nice meal with you right now.” His hand slipped from my face down my shoulder and around my back. Goose bumps formed all over my body as he slipped his hand down my back and grabbed my butt tight. He kept his other hand in his pocket.
The buzzing began again. I gasped and squeezed my legs together, little moans escaping my mouth.
He chuckled. “I love feeling you writhe against me.”
The humming stopped again and I could breathe. He took his hand from his pocket and showed me the remote control. “I like being in control of your pleasure. I’ll take this with me for tonight.”
My eyes widened. “You want to do that at the restaurant?”
“Ah, ah, Julie, I don’t tolerate protests. You’ll keep the vibrator inside you and I’ll use this remote as I see fit. I grant you permission to enjoy.”
A sly smile appeared on his face as soon as he saw me gaping. “Now, let’s go.”
He took my arm and together we walked into the corridor of the building. I was already sweating heavily when he pressed the button of the elevator. I couldn’t imagine what tonight would look like, with me being pleasured under the table during a dinner where there were other guests who could see my every move. I had to keep quiet and that was the hardest thing to do.
As soon as the doors closed, Dominic surprised me. He pressed his body against me in a blazing attempt to corner me. I was jammed against the walls. His breathing was heavy and full of raging hormones. He looked down upon me like I was his captive.
“I will have you tonight. I don’t know if I can withhold myself from attacking you right now.”
Within a second his lips were on mine. He ravished my mouth, licking my tongue, forcing himself onto me. He pinned me against the wall, seizing my breasts with eager and harsh hands. He ripped open my button down shirt and slipped his hand inside to circle around my areolas and pinch my nipples. I moaned, but he silenced me with his mouth.
When the doors of the elevator opened again, we both looked up. There was a fifty-year-old lady dressed in a leopard print outfit combined with a pink bag gawking us.
“Excuse me for breaking up your party, but I gotta get up,” she said and stepped inside.
Dominic immediately pushed himself off me and straightened his jacket, while I fumbled to hook my buttons back into place. The lady eyed Dominic’s full-blown erection.
Dominic cleared his throat and took my hand to escort me outside. My cheeks were flushed with heat from embarrassment as well as arousal. He obviously didn’t care to be caught, but the way he just put his hands on my there was sexy as hell.
“Since we’re in public now, you may address me as Dominic or Dom. Whichever you prefer.”
“Okay, Dom,” I said. It was the same name the woman had used to address him in the text message.
Oh, why am I thinking about this now?
We walked out of the lobby and a white limo just came to a stop right in front of us. Dominic opened the door and held up his hand. “Hop in.”
I got in and waited for him to walk to the other side to sit next to me. When the door closed, Dominic snapped his fingers and the chauffeur started to drive. He closed the blinds between us as well.
Dominic’s hand dove into his pocket and he took out the remote control. I didn’t even see him press the button. The moment I felt the buzzing between my legs I clenched the seat. I giggled from the sudden delicious jolts shooting up into my sex.
“I’m going to make you so horny, you can’t even resist me,” Dominic said. He moved closer and moved his hand up my leg, while I shivered with pleasure. I felt his warm breath near my ear and he nibbled my earlobe, flicking his tongue along it. I shuddered and held in my breath as he groaned in my ear, his fingers tightening in my flesh.
“Do you like it, Julie?” he whispered.
I nodded and closed my eyes as his fingers trailed their way up my thighs. Every inch he got closer, my heart beat faster, but then he stopped right before reaching my private parts. He took my hand and brought it to his pants, placing my fingers right on top of his bulge.
“Do you feel that? That’s what controlling your pleasure does to me. Oh, I just love to see you squirm because of me.”
Moaning, I squeezed my legs together. The jolts became fiercer, as if he had turned up the speed. He grunted like a predator and used my hand as a gear handle, guiding me over his member.
When the car to a halt, so did the humming. Dominic released my hand and pocketed the remote again. I was still gasping, trying to catch my breath. My head felt hot and I knew I was red all over.
A sly smile appeared on his face, and then he stepped out of the car and closed the door.
I only had a few more seconds to calm myself, and my pussy, down before Dominic was at my side. He held up his hand as he escorted me out, smiling with a cheap grin as if nothing ever happened.


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