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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cover Reveal - Fury - Clarissa Wild - Sexy New Adult Romance! & Giveaway!

Title: FURY (#1.5, FIERCE)
Author: Clarissa Wild
Publication Date: March 17th 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance

Would you risk everything for love?

Life has held nothing but hardships for Hunter Bane. Growing up with a learning disability wasn’t easy, especially when you’re poor. With only his brother to support him, Hunter clings to the short moments of happiness in life. Like when he meets Autumn Blakewood.

Autumn Blakewood is a geek at heart. Reading is her passion, and she can’t spend one day without her books. She’s always locked up in her room studying, trying to avoid trouble. Until Hunter comes into her life.

Hunter can’t resist the temptation to get closer to Autumn. She is his complete opposite, and yet he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. But when his brother is caught dealing drugs and sent to prison, Hunter’s world shatters.
To save his brother, Hunter has to join the gang he’s feared his entire life. Now he’s forced to choose between his family and the one girl he loves. Fighting for both, his fury is all he needs…

I get up and see her standing near my book case, checking out all my books, her fingers drifting over all the books like they’re treasures to her. They probably are. To me, they’re just books I used to read, but can’t remember a thing from.
Her curly hair drops down her shoulders and gently wafts back and forth, and it compliments her beautiful body. I like looking at her, the way her feet barely make any sound as they touch the floor, the way she explores my secrets with great interest, the curves and lines of her body. Her luscious, perky ass catches my attention as she shifts her weight from one foot to another. Thoughts about grabbing her ass and pinning her to the book case shoot through my mind. I can’t stop looking. And I can’t stop licking my lip in anticipation of what could happen if I just took what I wanted. And what I want is her.
I’m not even thinking about it before stalking toward her. I want her so badly, the wantonness is taking control of my mind. Consuming me. I need to be close to her, need to know what she’s thinking when she’s seeing the real me. I need her to tell me she’ll accept me the way I am.
Before I know it, I’m up against her back, breathing in and out like the horny motherfucker I am. I’m enthralled by her pinewood scent, and inhale it as much as I can. She’s like a drug to me, one that can take away the pain.
She’s frozen in place, her breath hitching in her throat. I watch her fingers linger on a book, and I say, “I used to read a lot when I was little.”
“I can see …” she mumbles.
“You like books a lot, don’t you?” I lower my head and lean over her shoulder, trying to peer into her vast eyes. She’s shivering in place, her body giving in to temptation by leaning against mine. Hmmm … I love the feel of that. Makes me want to dig my fingers into her hip and grind up against her. It’s hard not to.
She takes in a sharp breath, but it’s not because of what I thought, which was me. “Oh my God! You’ve read Harry Potter? God, it’s been ages since I last saw that book.”
I laugh, and she turns around with her eyes wide open and her lips parted in a way that makes me want to push my tongue inside her mouth.
But the way she talks makes me think she’s surprised by the fact that I actually read. “I told you, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Reading is … difficult. But if I have the patience, I enjoy it.”
I step closer, towering over her, giving me a sense of power. It’s hard not to take advantage of the situation right now, but I’m holding back as much as I can. I don’t think it’s wise to start this with her. We both might want it, but that doesn’t make it okay.
I reach for the book she was looking at and take it out. If she likes it so much, she should have it. There’s not much I can do, but if this makes her happy, then why not?
“You can have it.” I hold out the book in front of her, and she can barely take it from my hands without looking like she’s about to faint. She stutters, and I’m not sure what she wants to say, but I can sure as hell tell she’s just as affected by me like I am by her. She’s all that’s on my mind the moment I’m around her, and I’m going crazy with desire. Adrenaline pumps through my body, my blood thickening my cock, stretching my pants to the limit. She’s here, right now, and I could take her and make her mine.
I could.
But somehow it doesn’t feel right. Not after what those fucking assholes did to her back at Denny’s Join. Not after what I’m doing in the gang. It feels so fucking wrong, I just … can’t.
I blow out a breath, trying to rid myself of all these hormones. “Well, I guess we should call it a day, for now. Let’s continue tomorrow,” I say while taking a step back and opening the door.
She should leave, before the urge to throw her onto my bed becomes too strong to fight.
She smiles shortly, caught by surprise, and draws in a deep breath. “Yeah, sure.”
I hear a hint of disappointment in her voice. I know she wants this as much as I do, but it’s not right and she knows it. She deserves someone who’s nice to her, and all I’ve been is a prick. Well, it’s for her own good. It’s better for her not to like me, if she wants to stay safe.
“Cool,” I say, trying not to sound affected. “See you tomorrow then?”
She keeps the book close to her chest as she walks out the door. She nods, and I nod, and it’s some sort of silent agreement not to make more of this than it is. We both know what the deal is.
“See ya,” I say, and then I close the door before I change my mind.

Clarissa Wild is the Amazon Bestselling Romance author of FIERCE, a top 200 and top 15 New Adult Romance novel. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, the Doing It Series and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.
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