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Enflamed Series

When regular middle class girl Chloe Young meets the mysterious, sexy and Japanese kaito Nagao during a coffee break, her life is turned upside down. Even though Chloe has a boyfriend, they engage in a hot and titillating affair, one that will lead her to question her life as it used to be.

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After the steamy one-night stand with sexy, mysterious and Japanese Kaito, Chloe tries to confess to her boyfriend Ethan, only to be overthrown by his sudden raging libido.
One hot night wasn't enough to quell her longing and then Ethan suddenly wanted to make love to her again … Hard to say no to that.

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After she confessed, Chloe’s relationship with headstrong Ethan was over and now she’s gone back to sexy, mysterious and Japanese Kaito. Her last solace turns out to be more than just a fling and she wants to stay with Kaito, even though she still doesn’t know who he really is. Determined to find out his secret life, she searches for the truth, but will their romance survive?

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Going off to Japan with her hot and sexy lover Kaito was the last thing Chloe thought she would do, but when she arrives, it’s all she ever dreamed of. Living with Kaito in his luxurious home is something she won’t pass on, but when she discovers he has more secrets up his sleeve, things get pretty exciting … Can she stay with him?

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Enflamed (Boxed Set)

Enjoy all four of the Enflamed books in one volume: #1 Raveled By You, #2 Hooked By You, #3 Cling To You, #4 Cherished By You ... for a lower price!

Watch Chloe Young as she falls in love, breaks hearts, travels the world, and meets a bright young girl, all because of Kaito Nagao, a handsome sexy Japanese man with secrets of his own.

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