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Saturday, August 10, 2013

FREE for 2 days: Doing It Risqué

FREE download of Doing It Risqué (#2, Doing It):

Doing It Risqué is FREE for 2 days! I think that calls for a little celebration :D
So for that reason, I'll share with you a short excerpt of book 2:

Then I heard a scratching noise coming from the window just behind my desk. I looked up and saw a familiar person climbing through the framework.
“Finn!” I shouted, a bit too loud, and slapped my hand in front of my face. Shit, shut up, Grace. Nobody can know I slept with him, let alone that he’s here right now.
I stood up while Finn brushed his brown hair from his eyes and puffed. “That’s a long way up, but I made it.” He gave me a lopsided smile, his crooked nose moved sideways when he laughed and I loved it. I loved every bit of imperfection about him.
He walked over to me and clenched his arms around me, picked me up and twirled me around. “Whoa, Finn!” I yelped. “What are you doing here?” I knew we couldn’t be seen together, even though I wanted him around, this was dangerous.
“I just had to see you,” he said when he put me down again.
I blushed and smiled, but didn’t know quite what to say. I didn’t want him to leave and yet I knew it was only a matter of time until we’d be discovered and he’d be captured by my father. I wanted to avoid that at all cost.
“Finn, you can’t be here. My father will kill you.”
“Relax, I’ve got it covered. My bud’s holding him down on the phone with an offer he can’t resist right now. Only thing he doesn’t know is that it’s a sham.” He chuckled, dimples brightened his face and I couldn’t help but caress his cheek.
“But—” I said.
“Outlaws don’t play by the rules, Grace,” he said, interrupting me. He placed his hand on top of mine. “Nothing will keep you from me.”
He didn’t waste any more time and planted his rugged lips on mine. His fevered kisses were swift and brutal, almost voracious, but also very loving and amorous. When Finn kissed me, it was like everything around me dissipated and my problems ceased to exist. All that was left was me and him, snagged in an eternal vortex of affection.
I folded my arms around his sturdy neck and pulled him closer. The smell of his muggy clothes, the sand and mud stuck to his skin and his sweat that shimmered on his skin was what I cherished. Most people would be abhorred by the dirt, but it was a part of Finn and his job and I adored everything he was, including the imperfections.
His hands drifted from my sides to my back and down to my butt, squeezing it. I jolted up and down from the sudden pinch, but he only pushed himself onto me more. With his tongue he forced my mouth to open and wriggled his way in my mouth, pivoting around. Moaning, I took it with pleasure and my hand slipped down across his hefty back, along the edges of his shoulder blades that stuck out and down his spine toward his butt. Squeezing it, I pulled him even closer and he grunted.
“See, I’m not the only one who can’t resist,” he murmured close to my ear. I chortled a little. Finn planted a few kisses on my neck, just below my ear and I closed my eyes. He trailed his way down toward my collarbones and let his lips slide along it, creating a path of saliva. Then suddenly he cupped his hands below my butt and picked me up from the floor.
I shrieked. “What are you doing?”
“Taking you. I’m the only man allowed, now aren’t I?” he said with a smug, his voice possessive. “Lucky me.”
I grinned as he walked to the other side of the room holding me. “Only you, Finn. I want only you.”
“Good. Let’s keep it that way.” His sudden dominating behavior was arousing and I felt a shiver run through me.
Oh my god, Finn just comes here and takes me like I’m his property! I love it.
With one sweep, he propelled all my paperwork off the desk. I couldn’t care less.
He placed me down on the wooden desk and stood between my legs, which were still entwined behind his back. I was still hanging on his neck, gazing into his emerald eyes which seemed full of carnal desire. It turned me on so much, my panties were getting wet without him even touching them.

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