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Monday, November 2, 2015

Stalker Duology Bonus Scene!

Guess what? I wrote a bonus scene for Stalker! :) So if you want to read more about Phoenix and Vanessa, read on or click the download button below ;)



Weeks later

What a beautiful day to wreak havoc.
Marina and the Diamonds is playing on the radio as I drive towards the gas station, dancing to the music like a crazy girl. The little boy on the backseat is making strange eye contact, sending me weird vibes, but I ignore him. I’m singing along to the chorus, twirling my hair, finally happy that I can do whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want.
“Oh, we’re here!” I say, winking at the boy who then nods at me and continues to stare out the window.
I drive up to one of the gas pumps and get out of the car. Right when I turn around, a man comes running at me with a gun. I scream when I see it’s Phoenix. He has a ski mask on.
“Don’t you fucking move!” he yells.
The gun is pointed at my chest, and I quiver at the sight of it. Immediately, my hands go up, and I say, “Please, don’t hurt me!”
“Move!” he growls.
He jiggles the gun and I step aside. That’s when he enters the car.
“No!” I yell, but Phoenix has already closed the door on me.
“Fuck off! Now!” Phoenix yells, pointing the gun at me through the window. “Or do you want me to shoot you?”
“No, no, please, let him go!” I look at the little boy who seems terrified.
“Him? You mean this little man?” Phoenix grabs the boy by the arms and pushes the gun against his head. “Should I shoot him instead?”
“Please!” I beg.
“Leave us alone or I’ll fucking do it!” he screams at me.
I nod, thoughts running through my head, whispers of imminent death. I have to do something.
“Go!” Phoenix growls.
I do the only thing I can think of. I run.
It’s the coward thing to do, but I know that if I try to save the boy, Phoenix will shoot him … and perhaps me too. I can’t do this alone. I have to call for help.
Tears run down my cheeks as I rush into the store.
“Help!” I yell, looking for the clerk. “Please, someone help me!”
“What’s wrong?” A man walks out of the aisle. “Are you okay?”
“There’s a man in my car! And he’s got my boy!” I scream. I grab his coat. “Please, you have to do something. Help him.”
“What? Oh my god, that’s horrible.” He runs to the window to peer outside. Phoenix is still holding the gun to his head. “Oh Jesus Christ. I have to call 911.”
“No,” I say quickly. “You have to go help him now. He’ll shoot him if I’m here for too long. He’ll be dead before the police arrives.” Tears flow down my cheeks as I beg him. “Please. Help him.”
“All right.” He nods slowly, then takes a deep breath and walks back to his cash register, pulling out a huge shotgun from underneath. My eyes widen as I watch him lock and load. “This’ll do the trick.”
I walk after him, my heart beating in my throat as he rushes toward the car. “Oh God,” I murmur to myself as the man faces off with Phoenix.
“Stay the fuck away!” Phoenix yells at the man.
“Get out of the car,” the man says with a deep voice.
“Didn’t you fucking hear me? Leave or I’ll fucking shoot your brains out and his too,” Phoenix growls, pushing the gun against the boy’s head.
“Stop!” I scream, crying my eyes out.
“That’s it,” the man says, and he jerks the door open. He throws himself inside.
“Fucking hell.” Phoenix slams him on the head, pounding in on him. The man fights him with equal strength, punching him with everything he has. Somehow, the shotgun drops from the man’s hand, and Phoenix whacks him with his gun, knocking him out cold.
We exchange anxious looks.
Then Phoenix shoves the man out of his car, gets out too, and grabs the man’s shotgun. Then he points his gun at me. “Sit down.”
He nods at the seat he was just sitting in a second ago.
I nod and sit down as he pulls the car keys out and locks the door, trapping us inside. “Stay here,” he growls at me.
“What are you doing?” I yell as he walks away.
“Business.” He goes into the shop.
Stealing. That’s what he’s going to do. He’s going to rob the man of his money and make his way out.
When he comes back a few minutes later with another bag filled to the brim with money, he runs back to my car and I frantically search for a way to open the door, but to no avail. He unlocks it using the key and shoves me aside. “Move!”
I do what he says, sliding onto the other seat as he gets in and closes the door. He pulls the ski mask off his head and throws the bag filled with money onto the backseat. “Boy, you’d better not touch that.”
He hits the gas and turns the wheels, creating skid marks on the road as he races off.
Silence rules, calming my heart and mind.
After a few minutes, I glance at Phoenix. I see him glance back. Then a grin appears.
I laugh.
I burst out into full-on, uncontrollable laughter. And so does he.
“Fuck, that was good,” he says with a smirk.
“Holy fucking shit!” I say. “I can’t believe I actually did it. Was I good?” I flutter my eyelids at him, making him laugh.
“The best.”
“Are you sure they’ll believe it?”
“Princess, you know where the cameras were, and I’m pretty sure they all recorded your perfect show.”
His compliment makes me gloat.
He leans in and kisses me on the chick. “But you’re not the only great performer here. You should’ve seen your face.”
“I could swear some of those tears were real. You can really scare me sometimes, you know that?” I point at his gun. “Now get that thing out of my face please.”
“Nah, you’re just an awesome actress.” He winks, tucking the gun in his holster.
The boy in the back clears his throat, drawing our attention. We both look at him and then each other, with me rolling my eyes and Phoenix sighing.
We stop at a parking lot not far up ahead, turning our heads back at the little boy. “You did great too,” Phoenix says.
“That’s what I thought.” The boy crosses his arms.
Phoenix grabs the bag with money and takes out a fifty dollar bill. “Here.”
“Finally.” The boy greedily takes it and tucks it in his pocket, opening the door. “See y’all later.”
The boy closes the door and I turn my head toward Phoenix. “Later?”
Phoenix shrugs. “Maybe he’s under the impression we’ll do this again with him. Guess we’re not the only money-grubbing-whores here.”
“Well …” I mull it over. “It is fun.”
Phoenix picks up a few more bills and brings them to his nose, smelling them and then looking at me. “God, I fucking love you, you know?”
I grin from our evilness … and because I feel exactly the same way about him. “Let’s go.”



Just because her accounts were frozen after the raid the police did on her house, doesn’t mean Vanessa and I won’t have access to money. It might not be as much as we used to have, but it’s enough. As long as I have my guns, I can steal my way through life. We can do anything we put our minds to, and it feels so fucking good.
No more obligations. No more people to mess with our lives.
Now there is only her and me. And this is the perfect way to celebrate.
She cringes as the needle is pushed into her skin, marking her permanently.
This is what she wanted to do after we robbed our first shop. She promised me she’d do it if we’d make it out alive, and we did, so … here we are. She said it’s her way of saying goodbye to her old life and welcoming the new and improved her.
The wretched, deceitful Vanessa. The violent Vanessa. My Princess.
No more faking that she’s nice. No more smiling without really meaning it. No more lies. Well, except if they lead to more money and fun.
I watch her as the man inks my claim over her into her skin.
I smile when I see the words finally written all around her wrist like a fucking engagement bracelet.

Phoenix’s Princess.

My name is edged into her very skin. Now everyone will know what I mean to her … and what she means to me.
“Perfect,” I say, grinning as the tattoo is completed. I grab her arm and lift it, taking a good look at her wrist. The glimmer in her eyes tells me she’s happy. That she wants to be needed. And I do fucking need her more than life itself. I should hate her for it, if it wasn’t for the fact that I love her so fucking much.
I’d kill for her … as a matter of fact, I already have.
I smirk when I see her smile. “Mine.”



We drive along a lonely road, enjoying the sunset, humming along to the music on the radio. I toy with the collar around my neck that signifies our undying love. Literally, he’d fucking shoot me if I ever tried to leave.
Not that I want to. There is only one man on this earth who can make me feel this special, this wanted, this good, and it’s him. I’d be a fool to let that go.
No, I learned my lesson a long time ago, and now I’m living the life with him. Until death do us part.
We’ll travel the world together. See what’s out there. Live the life we were always meant to live … even if it means going against the law. Lying. Cheating. Stealing. I’ll do it all. It’s what we do best.
“Wait,” I say, when we drive past a significant patch of grass.
“What?” he mumbles.
“Stop the car,” I say, pulling the wheel.
“Hey! Don’t fucking touch the wheel, Princess.” The car steers out of control, and he hits the breaks. We come to a stop right before the fence. “Jesus Christ, you could’ve killed us.”
“Whoops,” I say, not caring a lot, because I know he’ll always save us.
I open the door and take in a breath of fresh air.
“What are you doing?” he asks.
I close my eyes and open my arms, letting the sun hit my skin. “Don’t you remember this place?”
“I guess.”
I nod and sigh, then walk out into the field.
“Where are you going?” he asks, but I don’t answer. He’ll see.
He follows behind me as I walk through the grass, looking for a specific spot. When I find a small patch of grass on a mound, I go to my knees. Then I start to dig.
Phoenix’s shadow hovers over me as I uncover the treasure beneath the sand.
“What’s that?”
“This is where I buried something special to me.” I pull out a tiny, metallic box.
I blow the dust off the little box and open it slowly, pulling out the card lying on the bottom. “Because it’s precious and I wanted to keep it safe. My mother burned everything I tried to keep from my old life, so I hid this last one here.” I brush away a single tear that’s formed under my eye.
I turn my head and smile at him. “It’s a picture of you.”
He sinks to his knees on the ground next to me and touches the photograph as if it’s precious to him too, even though he’s never seen it before. I remember taking it when he was looking for insects and I was pretending to study. But I couldn’t help take a picture of him. Maybe I even knew back then that the moments would never last, and I couldn’t accept it. I had to memorialize it.
He hums. “I look so young here.”
“That’s because you were.” I snort.
“Back then I thought I would never be good enough for you.”
I look up at him. “But you are. You always were.”
He cups my chin and gazes deeply into my eyes. “In the back of my head I always knew I’d come back to claim you once and for all.”
“Promise me you’ll never let me go.”
“Never.” He leans in and presses a kiss onto my lips, sealing the deal. I feel like I’m floating when he kisses me, his ownership of my heart so subtle, and yet so clear.
“Forget about before. Forget about your old life,” he whispers against my lips. “Let’s make new memories together.”
“Yes.” It takes one breath, one simple kiss, for me to let it all go.
And so my fingers release the grip on the photograph, letting it fly away with the wind.
Far and far away until it’s nothing more but a distant memory.
Our life together has only just begun.


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No prison can keep me from seeking revenge. Especially when it comes to her.
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I’m not a good man. On the contrary, I love to be bad. It’s in my veins. Just like it’s in my veins to ruin her.
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  1. O. M. G. ..... I just love the bonus chapters! I guess I must be evil too because I am so freaking thrilled that they are together and tearing their way through life. ...Oooh to be loved like that!!!


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