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Monday, September 23, 2013

New Series! The Billionaire's Bet - Part 1 available now!

Exciting news everyone: I'm writing a new series! It's a BDSM erotica called The Billionaire's Bet. I've just published the first in the series, A Seductive Deal, and it's got an alpha/dominant male who always gets what he wants!

You can get your Amazon copy here for only 0.99 cents:

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I've got a spicy excerpt here for you guys ;)

We both laughed and I drank up my tequila, feeling tipsier by the second. I didn’t really care about it though. I was having a good time with Dominic and talking to him was better than sitting alone in my bedroom behind a laptop all night.
“Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Dominic Fury, but it’s time to head back and get my creative juices flowing.”
I got off my stool, but my legs were wobbly and I was very dizzy, so I almost fell over. Dominic jumped off and caught me. Now I could really feel those strong arms around my waist and it was sending heat strokes through my body.
“Wow, be careful there,” he said. “Maybe that was a little too much tequila.”
“Thanks, but I’ll manage.”
He took my arm and placed it around his neck. “No worries, let me help you. I’ll get you to your room.”
We moved forward through the lobby with guests staring at us like we were goofing off. “Hey, are you flirting with me?” I muttered, only half aware of what I was saying.
“Flirting? No, I would never,” he said, and he winked, making me chortle.
“You’re naughty, you know that? Wanting to go to a girl’s room the second you meet her.”
He laughed. “Oh, I’ve seen plenty of rooms in my life time, don’t worry about that.”
We stumbled into the elevator and Dominic managed to press the correct button. I hung on his neck, almost unable to keep standing up. I was so tired and … well, my brain started to go into inactive mode.
“What’s your room number?” he asked.
I think I managed to say it, but I’m not sure if it was the right one.
“Okay, here we are,” he said. So little time had passed between him asking and finding the door, though I imagined it must’ve been a lot longer than my brain told me. He had to haul me all the way here.
I took out my keys, but was fumbling so much, Dominic snatched them from me and opened the door himself. He helped me get inside and put me down on the bed.
“Well, goodnight, July,” he said. “It was wonderful to meet you too.”
I flopped down on my back, facing the ceiling and made snow-angels on the bed, without any snow. I cracked myself up.
I heard him sigh and then I felt his warm fingers on my feet.
“Oh, what are you doing, Dominic? Are you undressing me? You’re such a tease,” I said.
“No, I’m taking off your shoes, so you can get into your bed.”
He was speaking the truth. My feet suddenly felt cold and his hands had released them again.
I got back up from the bed and wriggled my way to the end where he was standing. He was towering above me, his buff features appetizing and hard to resist, especially now that I wanted to be loved and could care less who it was.
He turned around, but I grabbed his hand. “Don’t go yet.” I pulled him closer and planted a kiss on his stubbly, muscular neck. I laced my arms around his neck, but he tried to unhook them again. I was clinging on to him, while he was trying to leave.
“You’re not exactly sober, Julie. I can’t do that.”
 I lowered the straps of my bra so my boobs became more exposed and fiddled with his tie. “Oh, come on. It’s just a little bit of fun.” I kissed him on his shoulder and sternum, unbuttoning his shirt slowly. He swallowed; I saw his Adam’s apple move up and down. I felt his pants tent against my groin and it only made me hungry for more.


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