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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cheap Christmas New Adult Book Bundle and more!!

SURPRISE EVERYONE!!! We're doing a HUGE New Adult bundle for Christmas and you could get a very cheap or even FREE copy!


December 1st - December 4th we're holding a Facebook Party!!!

Enter for a chance to win:

DAY 1: Giving away a NA Bundle!
DAY 2:  Giving away a SciFi Bundle!
DAY 3: Giving away a Contemporary/Historical Bundle!
DAY 4: Giving away a  Paranormal Bundle!

And there's also our  Release Party on December 24th.

We're also giving away lots of goodies on Twitter, so come join us!

From December 5th until December 7th you can win lots of prizes!!

Enter for a chance to win:

Day 1: Giveaway of the SciFi bundle
Day 2: Giveaway of the Paranormal bundle
Day 3: Giveaway of the NA and Contemporary/Historical bundles

And a Twitter Release Party December 24th!

Want to stay up to date of all the giveaways and sales? Check out our Book Bundle Blog!


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