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Monday, July 28, 2014

Rain Over Me by Cindy Lou Moldovan - Release Day & Giveaway

Rain over me Release DAte

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Book Title: Rain Over Me 
Author: Cindy Lou Moldovan 
Genre: Romance 
Release Date: July 28, 2014 


Mia Lambert is beautiful, rich and used to having her own way. When it comes to intimacy, she makes her own rules. Convinced that she is selfish and self-centered like her mother, she stays away from matters of the heart. Mia’s rules leave her empty and unfulfilled, but she is too stubborn to change until Philippe strides into her life and challenges her to let him fulfill her wanton body’s desires. Philippe Colson is every woman’s dream. Handsome and charming, he shows Mia passion beyond her wildest dreams. He has come to play, and when he does, he plays for keeps. Will Mia allow her fears to rule her heart and leave her with an empty, guarded life or will she accept the challenge from Philippe and trust her heart to him?


“Philippe!” She squealed. “Happy to see me princess?” He said but the glint in his dark green eyes showed his displeasure. Mia held on to the door of the refrigerator, her hand shook slightly and she hopes he did not see the effect he has on her. “I…how did you get in here?” She said her voice rising. Mia ignored his calls, e-mails and answered his text messages in monosyllables for the past two months. Yeah, he is pissed! She was well aware that he is not the type of man to be put off and Mia has done just that. “I appreciate your high tech security and your body guard but I have my ways of getting what I want at times. You should know that tactic well.” “Are you saying I am used to having my own ways? Rich and spoiled? Fine, go ahead. Nothing I have not heard before.” Her bravado return but she took a step back as he pushes off the counter. He took a swig of water from the bottle he held in his hand. “You are avoiding me and I want to know why the hell you are running.” Her dress fell off her shoulder onto her arm and she attempted to pull it back in place but her hand met with Philippe’s as he held the dress in place and ran his thumb across her skin. Her chest tightned as desire flooded her body. Philippe hooded gaze held her eyes noting her dilated pupils. He set the bottle of water on the counter and rubbed her other arm slowly making his way to her back where he found the clasp to her bra and skillfully unsnapped it. Mia’s lip caught in her teeth and her lids slid shut as she tried to repress a moan that was sure to escape her throat. Philippe cupped her pert breast that fit perfect in his large palm. None too gently he squeezed the pale pink nipple encouraging the areolar to constrict, elongated her nipple between his thumb and index finger. Her head drop to his chest and lulled from side to side. She was never one to deny herself of what she wanted and at this moment she desperately wanted Philippe. Truth be told she always wanted him ever since they met fifteen months, one week and two day ago but who’s counting time…not her, surely keeping up with such minute details were for weaklings and weak, she was not. Philippe tilted her head back, her blond hair frames her face and fell over her shoulders as she look into his eyes. His tall frame loomed over her as his dark green eyes seeks hers out. Their breathing and the sound of the refrigerator humming is the only sound in the room. Slowly he peeled back the dress and pink lacy demi bra off her shoulders and let them fall to the floor, pooling around her ankles. She rubbed her breast across his white linen shirt and the sensation of the material against her breast sent a wicked sensual sensation pooling down her center to the apex of the thigh. Philippe crushed his mouth to hers and took her tongue in a wild kiss that lasted all of a few seconds. He spun her around and bends her the kitchen island. Her breast came in contact with the cold hard counter top, she is bent at the waist pushing her ass toward his erection that grinds into her bottom with no mercy. A plea that sounded like a whimper left her lips and Philippe’s lips curled in a smile. He slid a finger into her wet pussy that was now hot and slick. Slowly he swirls his long finger around and around her need as Mia shook with desire. He pulled his finger from her slit that dripped with her essence and push gently into her mouth. Mia greedily sucked off her own juices but before she could repeat the motion he places his palm on her ass and rubbed it one, twice then with a stinging motion spanked her with three quick successive snaps. Mia yelped from the surprise spanking that sent moisture rushing to her core. Before she could get her bearings Philippe headed to the door. “Play nice or we don’t play at all. Will you answer the next time I call?” His hand is on the front door and she wanted to plea with him to stay. “Yes, but…” “Good.” He pulls open the door and it closed silently behind him. Mia laid her head on the cool stone of the countertop and willed her breathing to return to normal. What the fuck just happened? She took stock of the situation that just took place and humiliation set into the pit of her stomach. How could he treat her that way? He waltz into her place… “Oh my God” Mia whispered “How did he get in...Invading my space, got me naked, swirled his delicious finger in my, my…in me, spanked my ass and left! Who the hell does he think he is?” She felt the heat of a blush rising from her neck all the way to her hairline. She sheepishly picked her clothes up off the floor and went to her bedroom where she put on a robe. Where the hell was her security and who is on duty? Well they are doing a piss poor job of looking after her safety. Mia placed a call to the emergency number of the security detail that is on speed dial on her phone. She did not wait for proper identification but snap at the person and asked to speak with Greg Williams, the supervisor. “Miss Lambert, how may I help you ma’am?” “Security on my Loft was breached today and I want to know why no one told me about it.” She bit the words into the phone with clenched teeth. “Come again Miss Lambert? Someone was in your residence?” “That is exactly what I am saying Greg. How did he get in?” “I am looking at the screen and your Loft was accessed twice this evening but both times the codes were entered correctly so there were no alarms. Are you OK Miss Lambert?” His voice rings with concern. “Yes, yes I’m fine. I just don’t understand…” “There is something that may be of some interest to you ma’am. Mr Philippe Colson bought our security company about a week ago. On the security camera he entered your residence about an hour before you got home today but he has the code which is why there was not an alarm.” Fuck, fuck! Mia rubbed her temples and reassured Greg that there was just a misunderstanding and it was okay for Mr Colson to enter her home. Now she really was pissed off. Embarrassed and pissed. She quickly place her other call, her hand rubbing the back of her neck. “I said I would call you but to what do I owe the unexpected pleasure?” “You bought the security company? Are you out of your fucking mind Philippe?” She hissed into the phone. “Just investing in other companies my dear Mia. Diversity makes good business sense.” He replied. “I can have you arrested for trespassing.” “Ah, now you are insulting me since I bought the property that houses your loft as well. I was just checking on my investment.” “What? You did what?” She yelled. “As much as I would like to continue this pissing contest, I am at an important dinner meeting and must get back to my guests. Bye princess.” Mia stared at the phone in her hand. She could not believe the audacity of the man. How dare he hung up on her? She really wanted to call him back and slam the phone down on him but that was just too childish. The mattress dips beneath her as she threw herself on her back and kicked her legs up and down. She glared at the brilliant white ceiling while her pulse raced. I hate him, I do, I do”. Mia hopes that by repeating these words she would actually despise him but she is lying about one thing for sure…Mia want’s the weight of his body on hers, want the touch of his lips and tongue on her womanhood, his fingers to slide in her core, his mouth to suck her clit until she screams his name in ecstasy. It happened once, fifteen months, one week and two days ago.

  Meet the Author 

 Cindy Lou Moldovan graduated from Lee College in Texas with a nursing degree. She is a certified PADI Scuba dive-master, loves the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. An avid reader and book lover, she is the author of her memoir ‘Growing up third world’. Cindy creates strong characters in her steamy novels that her readers will fall in love with and leave them panting for more. She lives in South Carolina with her husband. Forever rain is her first romance novel in ‘Rain will fall’ trilogy. Member of Romance writers of America, GRW and LCRW. 

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