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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Killer - Unedited Excerpt & Teaser Reveal - Clarissa Wild

Prequel to Stalker

UNEDITED EXCERPT - Subject to change
COPYRIGHT © CLARISSA WILD. All Rights reserved.

Don’t mess with a scorned wife. She’ll return the inflicted pain times thousand.
On the outside I seem calm, charming, even, but on the inside I’m boiling, ready for revenge. In my pretty dress and high heels, adorning the arm of a rich man who brings whores to his home, I join the party of equally slimy people. All for the sake of reputation. That’s all that matters in a world where money is power.
But I won’t sit by and let this man waltz all over my feelings.
If he doesn’t care, I will make him care.
When the small talk is over, I excuse myself and go for a walk to the bar. I need a drink before I figure out how I’m going to get what I want. The kind of guy that’s a stranger to everyone, elusive, but filled with unknown desires… a guy who’s dangerous. Slick, combed black hair with the sides trimmed short, black gauges in his ears, a barbell in his left eyebrow and right underneath his lip, and tattoos running from his hands all the way up to his body. Trouble and lust, a delicious and deadly combination. Just the kind that I should avoid like the plague, but need like my life depends on it. The kind that makes even the coldest of hearts catch fire.
The kind that’s standing next to me right now.
I can’t believe this man is here, out of all places to be. It’s like a dream come true right now. A deviously bad, but oh so good dream.
He’s playing with his wallet, and a name is engraved into the leather: Phoenix Sullivan. Well, isn’t that nice.
He tucks it back into his pocket in no time. With a quick glance at the mirror hanging from the wall I check how I look, if my fake blonde curls still look good and if my red lipstick isn’t smudged. Then I turn my attention toward the handsome man standing just a few inches away.
As I step closer, his eyes zoom in on me like a hawk zooming in on prey. That focus alone gives me fever.
“Hey stranger,” I say, chuckling a bit.
“Hello.” He picks up a glass of champagne from the table.
“So, what brought you to this party?” I ask, putting up my flirty voice.
“I’m here to fulfill a job for a client.” He takes a sip from his drink.
“Oh, really? And what kind of a job might that be?”
He looks me straight in the eyes, his face unmoving, chilling me to the bone. “Confidential.”
“Oh … exciting,” I joke, touching his arm.
Just that one touch is enough to tell he’s buffed. His muscles bulge through his black vest, and I can’t imagine what else is hiding underneath that slick outfit.
“Not really,” he says. “But it must be done.” He takes another sip.
“Hmm … such dedication. I like it.”
“Is there anything you required, Miss?” he suddenly asks, flashing me a quick smile that sets my body on fire.
“Just your time,” I answer, smiling cheekily. “And maybe more. Why? Are you afraid I’ll steal the attention away from your job?”
“No.” He checks his watch. “I still have plenty of time left.”
I step a little closer and lean forward. “Then why not spend some time with me?”
His brows furrow and the left side of his lip curls up for a second. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you hitting on me?”
“Is that a crime?” I murmur, licking my lips.
His eyes are half-mast now. “That depends on what you consider a crime. You have a husband, don’t you?”
“Yes, so?” I raise an eyebrow.
He cocks his head, a smile slowly building on his face. “What did you have in mind?”
I lean in and whisper into his ear, “You. Me. That room in the back of that obscure hallway.”
When I arch my back and look out into the room, I can clearly spot Phillip watching me. I don’t give a damn what he thinks. I’m going for it. I actually want him to see what I’m about to do.
Phoenix turns to me. His eyes are narrowed, and his tongue darts out to lick his bottom lip. Then he brings the glass to his mouth and chugs down all the remaining champagne.
No words come from his mouth. Instead, he puts down the glass and checks the room before grabbing my hand and dragging me down the hallway to that one room I mentioned. With one last glance to see if anyone’s following us, he opens the door, pulls us both inside, and slams it shut, closing the lock.
“You seduced the wrong man, lady,” he says.
When he steps closer I take a step back, taunting him to come and get me. Only one step and I’m out of space to flee. This is just a small place they use to store tables and chairs for parties. I picked it exactly because it’s obscure and can be locked from the inside. This isn’t the first time I’ve been to a party at this venue. Nor is this my first rodeo.
“Why’s that?” I ask.
“You know exactly why. It’s the reason you picked me as your target in the first place. Women like you are all the same.” He pushes aside a table to come near me.
“Oh? So you have experience with this? Tell me more,” I retort.
“Plenty, but there’s always room to add one more,” he growls.
When he’s in front of me, he places his hands on the table behind me and corners me. “Are you afraid?”
He leans forward, his face inches away from mine as if he’s gauging how I’ll react.
I shake my head.
“You should be,” he whispers.
“Yes,” I whimper when his lips come so close I can feel his hot breath on my skin.
“My jobs are the kind that get people killed. You come looking for love from the devil himself,” he whispers, chuckling. “Why?”
His lips are inches away from mine, and I arch to meet his mouth, but he won’t let me kiss him. “I need it,” I say.
“Are you that desperate?” he asks.
I make a face. “Are you trying to persuade me not to do this or something?”
“I’m trying to save you your marriage,” he says, frowning. “And your safety.”
“I don’t care,” I say, closing my eyes.
“You just want me to take you,” he says. “Like a needy housewife.”
“Yes,” I say, trying not to sound pathetic. I just threw all of my morals out of the window. Do I care? Not even a little bit. Anything for the sake of vengeance.
“All right. I’ll fuck you, Missy. I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight.”
“Fuck yes …” I mutter.
He smashes his lips onto mine before I can say anything else.
His lips are ruthless, overtaking my mouth like he wants to devour me whole. He isn’t gentle or sweet. He just takes what he wants, kissing me full on the lips with raw excitement. His tongue swipes over my mouth, probing so I open my mouth and let him in. I’m blown away by his neediness, his demanding kisses as he swoops me off the floor and places me on the table. I moan into his mouth as he grabs my arms and forces his mouth onto mine. I can hardly breathe.
He groans. “You wanted this, so now I’ll take what I want the way I want it.”

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Separate publication: June, 2015.

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