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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Doing It Free (#3, Doing It) - available now!

Doing It Free is finally out!

Yes, you heard it right, the conclusion to the hot and steamy Doing It series is available now! I finally published it on 08/31/2013 and I'm happy with the results.

For all you lovers of erotic romance, here is a sneak peek: 


The next day, I brought the most daring outfit I could find to work and hid it in the pantry until I got on my break. My boss was out getting some lunch, so I had plenty of time to put on a different set of clothes and hop over to the gas station Finn was at, since it was only a few blocks away.
In my black pantyhose, covered by a short, pink skirt, laced bra popping up under a tight fitted tee, I entered the shop. The doorbell rang and Finn looked up. The comic in his hand dropped on the counter, his eyes widened and his mouth opened slowly.
I grinned. “Hey there, pretty boy,” I said, and I strutted forward, flaunting my goods.
“What are you doing, Grace?”
I laughed and came closer, putting my boobs on the counter as I bent over. While swallowing and gazing at my chest, Finn tried to back away, but I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a sloppy kiss.
I sucked on his lip and ignored his disapproving noises. I chuckled when he managed to slip away, licking my lips. “What’s the matter, don’t like it?”
The left side of his lips curled up into a cheeky smile. “Oh, I do, but it’s safer this way.”
I chortled. “Oh, I bet.” I looked around for something I could eat for lunch and decided to go with the vegetarian salad I saw lying in the cooling section. “I’d like one of those,” I said, pointing at the salad.
“What? This? Is that all you’re going to eat?” he said, grabbing the salad.
“Yeah, it’s more than enough for me.”
“Grace …” he sighed and rested his hands on the counter. “We’ve already been through this … please just eat some more. Don’t be afraid of food. You look beautiful.”
I rolled my eyes. “I know, Finn. Thanks. I’m okay, I’m not stressing over it anymore like I used to. I can eat perfectly fine now.”
“But just a tiny bit,” he said.
“Yeah.” I put the salad in my bag before he could snatch it away again and placed the money on the counter.
He kept his eyes on me, brows furrowed, lips pursed, as if he still wasn’t convinced.
“Oh, come on Finn, stop worrying about me. I’m fine. Perky and peachy as ever,” I said with a cheesy smile and he laughed at me.
I turned around and started walking away again, but then I remembered my plan and I wanted to entice him just a little bit more. I knocked over a bag of chips that was on the edge of a shelf and said, “Oops!”
Bending over, with my knees straight and my ass pointing at Finn, I grabbed the bag and slowly came up again. I was sure he’d seen my transparent panties. Turning my head was the best thing I did since I came here. The expression on his face was priceless.
I chuckled and blew him a kiss in the air. “See you tonight, Finn.”


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