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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fight For My Heart (Fight For My Heart #1) by T.S. Dooley - Tour & Giveaway

After being hurt in the worst way, Taleah Bryant tries to move on with her life. Shes in college has a new best friend and is avoiding her twin brother and ex-boyfriend at all costs.

On move in day Taleah goes to a fight with her roommate and meets the most intriguing pair of hazel eyes she's ever seen.

Vin has always been a play boy. Fight, sex, and not caring has always been routine. Before his fight he finally sees the girl that will change his world.

Family tears them apart, a mistake brings them together, and girlfriends sabotage their love.

Who can be trusted? Whose to blame? And will love ever be enough?

Due to mature content 18 & over!***

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When Vin sees what I ordered he gets up and inspects it like it’s going to kill me. Checking the tacos and testing the meat. We all sit back in our chairs and watch; he doesn’t even seem to notice anything is wrong. When he’s satisfied, he sits down again like nothing happened and begins to eat. I’m still shocked he had the nerve to touch my food. You never touch a pregnant lady’s meal. 

“Um, excuse me, safety inspector gadget, but what was that about?” I point to my plate. 

“I was making sure my daughter doesn’t get sick.” He smiles happily like he won a fucking award for his safety patrol. 

“Be careful man, last week she tried to cut me over the last Oreo, It wasn’t a good day, I had to see the sports trainer because I thought I wouldn’t be able to throw at my next game.” Tony is being dramatic I stabbed him with a fork. Fork! That doesn’t hurt that much. 

“Well next time I say no one touches my cookies, I mean it.” I smile. They stare at me like I’m crazy and shake their heads laughing at me. I guess I need to calm down. 

“I wouldn’t mind getting some of your cookies.” Vin smirks and looks at my boobs that are barely contained by my top. I feel my nipples harden and have to look down, because those eyes get me every time. When I look up again he’s still looking at them and licking his lips. Marco snaps his fingers in front of Vin’s face and shakes his head no. 

“No uh huh, no happening. Nope! No no no! I refuse to let you two be near each other. You wanted to buy some girly stuff for my granddaughter. That’s why you’re here. You will be dropped off after we leave the mall.” His voice is firm and I bite back a giggle threatening to escape. 

Vin looks at my boobs again like a lost puppy so I jiggle them a bit, and his eyes fly to mine. Oh no they are very heated and I start to squirm. “I need to use the bathroom, be right back.” I smile his way, but Cadence jumps up proclaiming to go with me, I sigh and trudge off looking back at him. He looks just as displeased as me. 




Come Together



T.S. Dooley is Texas born and raised. A librarian, mother, and military wife. After being a blogger for so long, she decided it was time to tell her own story, and alas you have met Vin and Taleah. The book took a while, but finally found its way to the pages of the story you are about to read or have already read. I am so thankful to everyone who supported my work, and can only hope you all love it as well. The first story of many to come in fact.

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