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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Excerpt of upcoming book!


I'm writing a hot new story that features a curvy depressed songwriter named Amy and a sexy & sweet but sad Rancher named Jack. It's going to have a lot of characters and will probably be a longer serial. Not sure how many parts yet, but I've got a lot in mind.And guess what? This one has the male POV, too!
I'm so excited to share this with you!! Gah, can't wait 'till you guys read it :)

Anyway, here's an excerpt:

Jack opens the door and steps out of the car. Frowning, I look around. I thought we still had to drive, why is he getting out? It’s already dark outside, but I clearly see one light burning up ahead.Then I see the house attached to the light, a few yards away. It’s a large wooden home, looking like it could use a fresh coat of paint. Next to it is a huge barn, and tools are lying all over the place. We’re already here?
“You gettin’ out or do you want to camp out in my car?” he says, leaning over to look at me through the window.
He walks away toward the house. I hurry to get out and slam the door a little too hard maybe, because he turns his head to me. I walk to my own car and haul out enormous suitcase I brought.
“Wow, you brought a suitcase? You must be serious on camping out here.”
“Oh, damn you and your jokes,” I say, and he chuckles, amused at my troubles. Yeah, you go ahead and laugh. After you’re done with my car, I’m out of here …
Walking back to the house is difficult. The ground beneath me is soggy and my shoes sink into the mud. I tiptoe to a spot where there are some tiles.
Gazing at me, he laughs and shakes his head. “Afraid of a little dirt?”
“I’m a girl and I’m from the city. What do you expect?” I say with my brows furrowed.
“Nothing, actually.” Leaning against the open door of the house, he just stands there and looks at me.
I gape at him. Did he just actually say that. “Excuse me? Are you implying something?”
He smirks. “Well you said it yourself, you’re a girl from the city. Not much to expect when it comes to farm life.”
He’s just provoking me! Well, I can take him. “Yeah, well I think I can handle a little muck.” I snort.
I jump across a pile of mud, but lose my balance on the slippery ground. My butt lands exactly in the puddle.
Jack bursts out into laughter and it makes me furious. My outfit is ruined and now my hands, legs and butt are covered in wet sand and god knows what else is on this ground. Jack strides toward me and holds out his hand. “Does your highness want a hand?”
Squinting, I’m pondering whether to jerk his legs so he drops, too, but I bet I’m not strong enough to make it happen. Plus, it’s rather rude, since he wants to help me. Sighing loudly, I take his hand and let him pull me up. My shoe is caught in the mud, and I stumble forward, right into his chest.
His broad arms are around me, keeping me from falling again. I look up to meet his surprised eyes. My heart makes a jump, feeling his body so close to mine. Oh, shit, this is so wrong.
I twist away from his arms and lean backward to get on my feet again. Clearing my throat, I try to make the burning feeling in my throat go away.
Jack purses his lips and frowns, looking confused. For an instance it almost looks as if he’s affected by our touch, too.
Then he turns back into his playful self again. “Can’t even stand on your own two feet, huh.”
He wipes his muddy hands on his jeans, like it’s no big deal to make them dirty.
I roll my eyes. “Give me a break. It’s dark outside, I can’t see a thing and the road here is like a sinkhole.”
Jack laughs. “Can’t argue with you on that. Well, better get you cleaned up.” He grabs my suitcase, turns around and hauls it to the door, expecting me to follow him, I guess. 

**End of excerpt of unedited Work In Progress**

Awesome right? Please share this with your friends and book lovers!! 


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