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Sunday, April 13, 2014

4000 likes Giveaway! - Load of books & $5 Gift Cards & signed paperbacks & Swag

Huge Giveaway, guys! Clarissa Wilds Author Page on Facebook reached 4000 likes, and to celebrate there is a huge giveaway with loads of other authors and book bloggers! You can win signed paperbacks, $5 gift cards, ebooks, and SWAG! Most prizes are international with only a couple being US only. So there's something to win for everyone!

Check out all the prizes below!
PS: There is a sneak peek excerpt of FLAME below the giveaway ;) You might be interested! (It's HOT!)


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She giggles. “I have to admit, I like watching you.”
With a smug smile I say, “I knew it …”
“Hey, I’m just enjoying the fact that my guy has found his calling.”
She tries to pull her hand away from my lips because I’ve been smothering it with kisses, but I won’t let her go. Instead, I pull her closer and grab her ass, pinning her against my chest. “No, you just like to watch my muscles.”
Her cheeks glow red hot, and her jaw drops, but I know that, regardless of what comes out, it’s the truth. “I never said that.”
“You don’t need to say it. I can tell from that horny look in your eyes.” I bite my lip as she gasps. I love watching her blush. It’s one of life’s perks.
“Oh, my god!” she says.
“No … the name’s Hunter,” I say, and then I lock my mouth on hers before she can say anything else.
She doesn’t resist, which gives me all the more reason to continue kissing her. I can’t get enough of her sweet taste. My appetite has been humongous ever since I started fighting. It’s like all the adrenaline and rage fuels my desire for her. My lips burn with need for hers, constantly seeking more of her attention, her lips, her tongue. I need it now.
My cock twitches in my pants, ready for some action. I need to de-stress and this is the perfect way. I hope she’s ready for me, because I need her body now. I need to release all the energy stored inside me and I’m too horny to take my hands off her.
I inhale her scent as I take my lips off hers for a second. Her smell immediately makes me want to ravage her again. An animal like groan escapes my mouth as I suck on my lip, trying to gauge if she’s into it or not. I mean, I don’t want to do anything against her will and all. Although, it’s not like she can resist either.
Her head tilts upward, her lips meeting mine, desperate to get closer. Hovering right in front of her, I plant one kiss long, soft kiss on the edge of her lip, pushing her against me, making her feel my hard-on.
A quieted moan slips from her mouth and she closes her eyes as my mouth moves away. Dragging my lips to her neck, I give her a wet, hot kiss on that special place that makes her surrender.
“I’m so fucking hard for you right now,” I whisper close to her ear. I don’t give a shit if anyone’s watching, but for her sake, I pull her to the locker room. My hands are all over her, and I don’t intend to stop any time soon.
Her breath hitches in her throat, as I grab her ass firmly and push her against a locker. I start ravaging her with my mouth, kissing her everywhere I can, licking her skin as I go along.
“Oh … fuck me,” she whispers.
“Yes, I will,” I murmur against her lips.
“N-now?” She stutters, so affected by what I’m doing with my mouth. My hands drift under her shirt, not wasting any time as I grasp at her tits.
“Now,” I growl, nipping at her lips.
Grabbing her hand, I drag her away from the lockers and into the showers. This place can be closed off from the rest of the room, which means more privacy, which is exactly what I’ll need with what I’m planning to do to her. And she’ll love every fucking minute of it, that I can guarantee.


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