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Friday, July 19, 2013

How to sell more books with amazon

As romance writers, we've got it tough. Millions of other writers vying for the same bestseller spot in Amazon just so we can sell more books. I've been tinkering with my own uploads recently, always adjusting my info, categories, keywords and whatnot and I've come to the conclusion that it's hard to find the specific categories you want to enter. Some categories don't show up on Amazon KDP at all, while you can search for the category in the regular Amazon store.
For instance; New-Adult (or NA) & College books is a new vibrant category with only 1500 books or so and it's a very good opportunity for indie writers to get a hold of new readers. However, this category is not yet available in KDP.
So what have I discovered? When you type the category as 1 keyword in the keyword section, the book will also pop up in that exact category. Or in other words; you can pretty much use this a loophole to get your books into more categories.

Another thing. Some writers categorize their books in very general, non-specific things, which makes it:
a. hard to find.
b. a needle in a haystack.

Some categories are WAY too full and there are so many other categories you can find that have very little books. The less books there are, the higher your chances to be found. I know that sounds weird, because you'd think 'well, there are so many books there, it's got to be a better place to market my books'. WRONG. These categories are flooded, which makes your book disappear.

What you need is to pick a very specific genre that dives deep into sub genres. Pick something that goes down as deep as possible, but always make sure you still stick to your book's theme.

I've made a list here to show you what I mean when I say there's a lot of difference in books available between different categories:

 July 2013 list of available books in categories:


Romance -> contemporary              47. 000
Romance -> erotica                         21.000
Romance -> NA                                  1.389
Romance -> comedy                       5.600
Lit -> contemporary                           149.000
Erotica                                                    98.000
Romance                                               143.000
Short stories                                        36.000
Women’s fiction                              14.600

So, looking at this graph, I've placed my newest short story Doing It Wild under:
Romance --> Contemporary
Romance --> Women's fiction
Then typed in the keyword: New Adult
And BAM, my book showed up in about 5 categories.
(since the last edit, I also inserted "comedy" into the keywords, will see if it'll enter that category too).

With another book, I'm trying the same thing now, only a bit different. I put Hooked By You in the following category:
Romance --> erotica
Fiction --> erotica

Typed keywords for category loophole: Contemporary, Women's fiction, Multicutural & Interracial (since my book features a Japanese man).

I'm still checking to see if it'll work out, but I hope it does. If this is true, you can pretty much glitch the entire Amazon Categories list to fit it to your liking. Which is fantastic, to say the least. The more categories you can enter your book in, the more likely you are to get on a bestseller list, which is a sure way to boost your sales.

Anyway, that's it for today! Hope you found it useful :)

Clarissa Wild

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  1. So if you're writing something that crosses over... say Sci-fi with a heavy dose of sex, do you put that in both erotica and sci-fi or should you pick the one that fits better?

    1. I would put it in science fiction & fantasy --> science fiction --> choose another subcategory out of the giant list (because you probably will fit into at least one of them). For the second one you could also pick Romance --> science fiction ( a lot of erotic titles are in here too). It has only 1861 other books, so it's a sure way to land on the bestseller spot in no time.
      I've noticed that, when I surf amazon as a regular customer and search for e-books using the category department, I can't find the 'erotic' section anywhere (or I'm just blind). It only appears when I literally type "erotic" in the search box.
      So I'm thinking of moving my book away from the erotic genre and just put it in a subgenre of Romance. You want customers to be able to find you through the regular departments and then use the keywords to distinguish your 'erotic' status (as a book). So use the keyword "erotic" or "erotica" in your 7 keywords and use the remaining keywords to define extra categories within the science fiction OR Romance departments AND to separate your book from the rest. Hope that helps a bit :)

    2. Thank you very much for your insights. I'm quite a bit of editing and re-writing away from anything but it makes me feel better about letting it out into the wild when the time comes.


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