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Monday, July 8, 2013

The First Day

All is going well. I posted both Raveled By You and Hooked By You on Smashwords and Kindle. The first book on Smashwords is free. It's supposed to be free on Amazon as well, but I still need some more people to report the price difference so they will price match :)
If anyone is willing to help, please do!

But more importantly: I just made my first sale!



I'm so happy things are going so well. Within 15 hours I've already had 152 downloads on book 1.

I also created a few extra accounts on, goodreads author, amazon author and allromanceebooks. I plan to have my books everywhere ;)

I hope some people will review them. I've already asked a couple of people, but no response yet (though it's been only a day, so I should give it some time, lol :P). I'm so hasty ...

Full of energy now!

Anyway, until next time ;)

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